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Do you like wearing thong underwear?

by Aonga Underwear 14 Jul 2021 0 Comments

    Mention thong, a lot of people think that only men's fashion choices, seems a little far from their lives, but with the development of era, the popular trend of men's underwear also great changes have taken place, the past is regarded as alternative thong has become a popular focus of the underwear market.

History of Thongs

    In fact, the earliest human clothes were thongs.

    This picture shows the typical thongs worn by the aborigines of the Gaoshan ethnic group in Taiwan, China.

    he reason is very simple, sewing underwear also needs technology, t-shaped pants is the most simple, the most saving fabric.

    Many ancient people wore thongs.

    This is the humanoid copper car jurisdiction in the middle of the Western Zhou Dynasty in China. if you look carefully, most of the two buttocks are exposed.

    Thong is a thong with a belt-shaped design from the front cloth to the back of the waist.As shown below.

    V-String is a thong with a piece of cloth from the bottom to the waistline, with a rope or ribbon design, but with a small V-shaped triangular cloth on the buttocks. As shown in the following picture.

    Cheeky is a string that is thin from the bottom to the waistline, but has a large piece of fabric in the arm to give some shade to the part of the G-STRING. It's called a "Cheeky" because it has a "shame on you" feel.

    As a matter of fact, the thong that the Japanese wear is also passed down from China, and its name is "Yi".

    Japan's most famous Taigu band, ghost Taigu, is dressed like this.

    This is the tradition of playing Japanese taiko.

    If you are lucky enough to live ever seen to know, don't say that thrilling drums.

    Just the quiver of the muscles of the drummer, especially the tremor of the muscles of the buttocks, is amazing.

    Only by wearing T-shaped trousers and fully exposing muscles can the audience see the beauty of muscle dancing.

    In Japan, there are still many people wearing traditional thongs.

    Such as the six feet themselves, in fact it is a long and narrow rectangular cloth.

    It was like this before I wore it, I couldn't tell it was underpants at all.

    When wearing is very complex, have to twist the cloth into a twist rope, all kinds of through to wear in the past.

    Wear it well into something like this:

    Thongs are available all over the world, but the prosperity of modern thongs originated in the United States.

    As we all know, Americans like to bask in the sun and are crazy about bronze skin.

    However, it is difficult to get a perfect shape by wearing four-corner swimming trunks or swimming trunks to bask in the sun.

    After basking in the sun, he had bronze skin all over, but there were white marks on his buttocks.

    This makes many obsessive people crazy, so the go-ong style swimsuit is created.

    With the popularity of thong-style swimming trunks all over the United States, in 1979, the first modern thong was born.

    In the late 1990s, many female artists personally praised thongs, such as Britney Spears, who often showed off her thongs on stage.

    Siske, a famous hip-hop singer, sang the song of thong around the tongue, so thong quickly became popular.

    The popularity of thongs, especially among men, is driven by various fierce competitions, such as rugby.

    As we all know, rugby game is very dangerous, players must be fully armed, natural lower body is no exception.

    They have to wear a supporter below, otherwise, they are likely to be people attack crotch, hurt the fragile testes.

     The crotch is generally made of hard plastic, as shown on the left, it needs to be put in the underwear to fix it.

    Ordinary triangular pants or fixed ability is not strong, the boxers movement, skew supporter below easily, let the escape of cock and balls, it's dangerous.

    However, with the bondage of the two straps behind the double thong, the crotch is not easy to skew.

    Americans have participated in various sports since they were young and have become accustomed to wearing double thongs, so double thongs have also become popular.

     Not only football, baseball, boxing and many other sports require crotch pads and thongs. The picture above is a baseball thong.

    Americans are used to wearing T-shirts in sports and find the advantages of T-shirts, so they also begin to wear T-shirts in their daily life.

 What are the benefits of thongs?

1.  the thong can show full buttocks and increase charm

    Men's buttocks muscles play a key role in sexual behavior. Men with full buttocks are particularly popular with women.

2. Improve hip shape

    Everyone likes the round buttocks, but it is a pity that most people's buttocks are either withered or drooping.

    Prolapse of hip, hip and leg, there will be unsightly folds, very not beautiful.

    If you wear a double T-shaped thong, on the one hand, it can cover the folds, on the other hand, it can hold up the hips.

     In this way, the sagging hips look like plump hips.

    The hips above is a little pleated, and if the belt is lowered, it can cover the fold and lift the hips.

3. No curling, thighs

     A lot of people like to wear boxers, but in sports, the sides of the boxers gradually roll up, making people uncomfortable.

    The edges of boxers will not be curled if they are tight, but this will make the roots of the thighs uncomfortable.

    For people who are successful in fitness, their strong thighs make them unable to wear ordinary underpants but thongs.

    The thong would not have such a problem. Especially the thong with high split.

 4. Tight pants don't show any marks.

     Nowadays, men's fashion and women's fashion, more and more tight.

    When wearing tight trousers in summer, the edge of underwear will be very obvious, especially when bending down, which makes people embarrassed.

    A thong can avoid such embarrassment.

5. Very cool and refreshing

    On a hot summer day, the man not like women wear a skirt, a lot of people even can't shorts, can only wear pants.

    If you wear t-pants, you can lose a piece of fabric and make the crotch cooler.

    Breathable and ventilated thongs make the scrotum cooler and help the testicles to create healthy sperm.

    Thongs have so many benefits, more and more men are beginning to wear thongs, so it is normal for men to wear thongs.

Thongs, fashionable women's choice

    It's the same as not wearing anything. It can't stop it. It's also scary.

    Come on, something's choking my little brother.

    Those two are on either side of the line. That's the real bullshit.

    I always feel that there is a salty pig's hand, hiding in my pants and scratching me.

    Depends on what type of thong is, normal front thongs or a bit of cloth. Sexy thong.... It feels like a few threads are tied underneath.

    To move gently, I feel that there is a stream below, gurgling water.

    This is a bundling play of Tintin.

    Wear it to work and dawdle your legs when you are tired, which will greatly improve your work efficiency.

    I feel that the whole person is free and there are no superfluous restraints. As if running and singing against the wind on the hillside.

    A thread is more than naked, but it is sexy, more let boys desire fire to burn us.

    Since my girl friend wore a thong, my body is getting worse day by day.

    As soon as you get an erection in the front, you get caught in the back.

    When walking, the flash flood broke out, and the climax began one after another.

    Boy's underwear. You can have sex without taking it off.

    It's the feeling that a monkey rubber band is in the mouth of a bearded man, and he can't pull it out.

    There is no extra restraint, just like a wild horse finds its own grassland.

    Boxers died when I was 18, briefs died when I was 28, and it will take another ten years from thong to striped.

    It's when you're in bed with your girlfriend and you're like, "Oh, what a coincidence. I'm wearing a thong. "


Thong Type

    Thongs are divided into the following types of ——

1. Nylon material does not absorb sweat

Nylon Thong

    Compared with cotton underwear with sweat-absorbing function, the material of thong is usually nylon, which is airtight and non-sweat-absorbing, and it is easy to breed bacteria.

2. You wear work clothes for a long time of the day

    Because usually work clothes or work clothes are more fit and tight, if you wear a tight skirt or jeans, it will make your private parts can't be well ventilated (that is, ventilation means it), so suffocating, even if you don't say the problem of infection, it must be very uncomfortable.

3. You love to wear short skirts

    If you wear short skirt, when you are sitting in the office, and park benches, MRT, and even your boyfriend on a motorcycle, is easier than to wear long skirt or trousers to let your privacy, access to the outside world of bacteria, will increase the risk of infection.

4. During pregnancy

    Everyone knows that when you get sick during pregnancy, it is easy to infect the fetus in the abdomen through the vertical infection of the mother and the child. Wearing a thong is the most likely to increase the chance of vaginal infection with bacteria. If you are born naturally, then the baby
Therefore, the risk of illness is high.

5. You prefer a bath to a shower

    As we all know, it's better not to take a bath when menstruation comes. In addition to dyeing the bathtub red (laughter), it's also because taking a bath will increase the risk of vaginal infection. Therefore, if people who like taking a bath wear T-shirts again, the result will be that you think, they will have more risks than those who take a shower.

6. You have a problem with leaking urine


    Some women in menopause or your long-term full bladder may have leakage, this time more should avoid wearing thongs, residual urine on the underwear show slightly acidic, coupled with thongs cloth, less friction privacy, skin easily, may irritate the skin and cause a rash or irritation.

7. When you get sick

    The reason for this is actually very simple. When your immune system is no longer able to resist cold germs, wearing thongs will only increase the burden on your body's immune system.

8. You should change tampons more often than usual

    Who love wearing thongs when menstruation comes, must be use the sliver (of course impossible for sanitary napkin ah), the above mentioned many butyl pants are more likely to get the opportunity to, and bacteria is more than usual periods, so frequently in tampons, can reduce the opportunity to sick.


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