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Can Men Wear Women's Underwear?

by Aonga Underwear 02 Jul 2021 0 Comments

Questions: Can Men Wear Women's Underwear?

Can Men Wear Women's Underwear

   Yes, but it's not very comfortable, and the men's underwear is designed with a U pouch to hold the ball. Women's underwear is not U Convex, are flat, so men wear it will feel a bit crowded. If you just want to feel the material of women's underwear, now there are many men's underwear with women similar material AH, such as ice silk, and Mesh perspective. Just to experience the material, then you can choose those to wear a little bit more comfortable. If don't care about comfortable degree, just want to wear schoolgirl underwear, also OK, you are happy go.

Looking for stimulation

    Even the Indian conscience Amir Khan is no exception.



    Women's underwear is beautiful, sexy and smooth, while men's underwear is monotonous and boring, which makes men think that men and women's underwear are unfair and want to wear lingerie;

    Many women, especially wives, wear underwear not sexy enough, which makes husbands feel very disappointed and regret, they think these women do not know beauty, so have a kind of you don't wear I wear the idea;

    Looking for stimulation. A man wearing a woman underwear in today's society, after all, there are many people idea didn't accept it, the more you do not accept the more I wear, the more the more I like feminine, so just feel exciting, a woman thought he was wearing underwear inside there will be a kind of inexplicable excitement.


  These are actually a man very normal idea, and abnormal, fetish irrelevant!
Not to mention not manly, say should also say more women no woman flavour!
A feminine woman and no qualified to say that men not manly? If a woman wearing sexy underwear at home every day, so want to wear women's underwear men will not be too much. In all real men like women's underwear bold want to wear to wear it, don't have any psychological barriers, a dress, it's not a big deal!

There are only two points to note

    First, it's better to work with your wife and communicate with her. As long as she doesn't object, what other people say is bullshit;
    Second, it's better not to wear bras at work, so as not to be found embarrassing.

Compared with men's underwear, women's underwear has the following characteristics

  • 1. Fine thread, dense weave.
  • 2. It's soft, comfortable and textured.
  • 3. breathable.
  • 4. It's springy and snug.
  • 5. Multiple styles.

    For other benefits, please refer to the tutorial on fashion design.

    Due to the above characteristics, women's underwear and men's wear (that is, women's trousers and men's wear) came into being.


    Men 's lace underwear, men' s hollow-out underwear have already appeared! It can be said that the concept of male wearing female pants on the style has been accepted.


    More and more soft, more and more tend to use women's underwear fabrics.
60 s launch lycra, first used in lingerie, in the late 70 s for men's underwear.
    This year, three dimensional elastic fiber is also used for men's underwear, such as meryl, modal, coolmax and other famous brand!
    Now modal micor (a kind of very thin silk fabrics used in high-end lingerie) are also beginning to wat for men's, and superfine fiber, tacel for lingerie (1998)...
    These fabrics are used in lingerie, and then used for men's underwear!


    So no matter in the style, or fabrics, men's underwear all feminine direction!
Panty men's wear design concepts have begun to reflect!


    Due to the advantages of women's underwear, in fact, there has been a trend of neutrality long ago! Many couples or lovers have had the experience of wearing underwear together, and some men wear women's underwear! Taiwan times weekly reported: British football star bekham once said that he loved wearing Victoria's underwear. The title seemed to be the body of a man and the heart of a woman?? The world's mixed underwear has also appeared!


    So, if you find your boyfriend wearing a pair of men's lace underwear, or just a pair of women's underwear, don't make a fuss! Next Valentine's Day, buy some feminine men's underwear, or women's underwear for him!


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